First Annual Fundraiser

Changing the world by bringing yours together. Help us put version 2.0 of our revolutionary software in the hands of the nonprofits that need it most.
25% raised
$187,000 to go

On Saturday, June 10, 2017 between 3-6pm, we are raising funds to provide 3-7 nonprofits a grant to secure our version_2.0 custom branded mobile app suite with our premier collaboration platform solution inside; and we need your help!

Our founder, Andre Hughes, was born and raised on the south-side of Chicago. After a successful career as a Global Managing Partner at Accenture, he retired in 2010. Inspired to give back to his neighborhood and others like it, he knew an effective infrastructure would be necessary to connect people needing help to the best resources and people anywhere. So he and his wife invested in building a technology platform that allows anybody, anywhere to meet as though they were in the same room.

With their support, we built a unique, web-based collaboration platform. Its innovative design makes it affordable to nonprofits and useable by anyone with Internet access. True to our founder’s vision, our solution supplements the traditional in-person delivery model by virtually connecting nonprofits and the people they serve using online communities, chat, and interactive live events where 1000+ people can attend at once.

Now, less than 1 year after the initial launch date, our team is already working on version_2.0 that embeds our core web-based capabilities into a white-labeled mobile app. Imagine how a branded mobile app leveraging the nonprofit's name would accelerate adoption and usage!

We believe version_2.0 will exponentially change the number and frequency of interactions between nonprofits and the people they serve, further increasing the probability of success and the desired change.

During the fundraiser, we will be looking to you to help us make this vision a reality for 3-7 nonprofit organizations. Certainly, any gift is deeply appreciated, however, we are looking for leaders who can gift at one of the following giving levels:

$1000 - Connector
$2500 - Innovator
$5000 - Amplifier
$10,000 - Visionary
$25,000 - Angel

The Problem

Nonprofits lack the funding and resources to connect with the people they serve as often as they would like to affect change.
Likewise, if the funds and resources existed, people lack the ability to physically attend ongoing trainings and counseling sessions as they lack transportation, time, etc.

Our Solution

Connect and communicate via live or recorded interactive events and online community chat to share best practices, experiences, and know-how with anyone, anywhere as often as necessary.

Additionally, leverage the preferred mode of communications: mobile technology.


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    Scott Sargent
    Donated $1,000.00

    Good luck
  • Default_member_photo
    Archie Williamson
    Donated $1,000.00

    Look forward to seeing you the next time I am in Chicago!
  • Default_member_photo
    Tracey Patterson
    Donated $10,000.00
  • Default_member_photo
    Clarence Mitchell
    Donated $5,000.00

    I'm so excited for this project. Thanks Andre!
  • Default_member_photo
    Mamon Powers
    Donated $10,000.00

    We look forward to your progress!
  • Default_member_photo
    David Nichols
    Donated $2,500.00
  • Default_member_photo
    Elizabeth Tinkham
    Donated $10,000.00

    So excited for mobile!
  • Default_member_photo
    Gerald Pauling
    Donated $1,000.00

    Thank you Andre!
  • Default_member_photo
    Brian Jefferson
    Donated $10,000.00
  • Default_member_photo
    John Ambler
    Donated $1,000.00
  • Default_member_photo
    Mike Woods
    Donated $1,500.00
  • Ahughes_photo%20(casual)
    Andre Hughes
    Donated $10,000.00

    Our inspired mission is to connect people needing help with best nonprofits anywhere. Andre & Sabrina Hughes
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